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Rats, Roses and Onions

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Farmer 1:Barbara told me there were six fat rats spotted in the garden last week. They ate all of the sprouting onions in the bed next to the chicken coop.

Farmer 2: I saw a rose bush growing on the fence. I bet the rats ate the sprouting onions. They are all gone next to the coop.

It is raining. Farmer three is making lots of crazy noises. Peanut ate an aspirin for her sore hip. A lot of flowers are blooming.

Farmer 3: I watched the chickens in the coop and I played Jingle Bells with my armpit.

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Lots happening in a very cold garden.

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Farmer 1: The garden is cold. Peanut is limping. Sunshine is inspecting our computer. She typed “S” with her beak! 

Farmer 2: Blackie is molting. She loses lots of feathers in their living quarters. Not many in the playpen.

Farmer 3: It’s Thursday and cold in the garden. Peanut’s hurt leg is bothering her. Ana held her and Barbara gave her a baby aspirin for the pain. Peanut hates her medicine and shakes her head a lot.


Barbara: Sunshine, Peanut and Goldie are very curious about the laptops that the farmers bring to the coop each morning. They run about the kids while they type. Today, Sunshine thrilled everyone when she typed a key with her beak. She backed away when everyone started cheering and looked very proud of herself. You go girl! Well done.


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Rats! The Rats are Back.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Farmer 1: Blackie is being so scared today.

Farmer 2: The rats ate all of our tomatoes. And now they are eating all of our potatoes and the sprouting onion greens in the back bed. They are also eating the orchid buds and other flowers.

Farmer 3: I like feeding the chickens nasturtium leaves.

Barbara: The rats attacked our large, wild potato plant. So sad. It was strong, healthy and growing daily. They broke off half of the stems and chewed out their centers. The plant is doomed.

The kids and I buried the stems of all the smaller plants–and the remaining large one. Fingers crossed that they don’t like the exposed leaves.

We were all surprised to discover that the rats like flowers as they never bothered them before. We need more traps!


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The Kids Love their Chickens!

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Farmer 1: I saw garlic sprouting today in the garden.

We dug up a potato plant and saw a bunch of little potatoes.

Farmer 2: I noticed that Peanut is takings lots of mud baths. All of the chickens are in the coop except Blackie and Peanut. All of the chickens are whining a lot. Sunshine is trying to get out.

We removed a potato plant to another place in the garden. The garlic is sprouting! 

Farmer 3: I had an egg and Farmer 2 took it.

Farmer 4: I liked it when I got to sit next to Peanut in the hole she dug. She’s like a dog. I liked the garlic too.

Barbara: The kids always enjoy working in the garden but let’s face it, they can’t wait to get to the coop and play with their chickens. They treat the hens to nasturtium leaves, play a shuffle game with Sunshine and thrill watching them dig holes and settle in for a long dirt baths. 

For me, I love the kids’ laughter and the happy chicken noises that fill the coop as all the small beings learn about each other.




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Playing with Peanut and Sunshine

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Farmer 1:  I saw peanut molting and Sunshine was pecking everybody. So Barbara had to pick her up. Then peanut started pecking Barbara.

Farmer 2:  All of the chicken are still molting.

Farmer 3: I played a game that’s called, “Peck my shoe if you can,” with Sunshine.

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Technology Comes to the Coop

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Farmer 1: I noted that Goldie is happy.

Farmer 2: Bossy Blackie pecks and poops.  

Farmer 3: I saw the chickens eat.


Barbara: The morning Sunflower Sentry Garden farmers brought a Chrome laptop to the coop today. Their assignment: write your observations and enter them electronically for the daily garden journal.

Each school day they will complete their garden jobs: digging, planting, tending, harvesting and caring for the chickens. Then they will fire-up the computer and build their writing, typing and technology skills by entering their observations.

Envision, a small kid sitting on a wooden stump in the coop with a computer on its lap and five curious hens circling about. Today, one hen pecked the laptop to see what it was. She then pecked the farmer’s sleeve as he typed. Who knows, these chickens may develop their own skills and start writing a blog using their chicken scratch.

Stay-tuned.This is going to be an amazing learning adventure for all concerned. 

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