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“Sunshine always makes me smile…”

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016




Farmer 1: Sunshine typed a lot today and after that we sang, Sunshine on my Shoulder to her.

Farmer 2: Today Peanut is still limping. We sang to Sunshine.

Farmer 3: Sunshine didn’t want to type this morning so we tricked her. We put a few bird seeds on the keyboard and she ate them up. After that, Sunshine typed a lot. 

Farmer Sunshine:      ffch sithp 0usytx

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Chicken Games

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Farmer 1: We all tried to catch Sunshine but she wouldn’t let us. Then we played, “Peck my shoe if you can”. She’s fast and got me a couple of times. Sunshine even flaps her wings and flies up trying to get my foot.

Farmer 2: I tried to catch Sunshine and she chased me so I ran but later I got to hold her. 

Barbara: There was lots of laughter and happy clucking in the chicken coop today when  the rain stopped for a while and everyone came out to play. 

Peanut ran quickly to the living quarters to lay her egg so she could come back and play with everyone. The kids retrieve her egg and were thrilled to find that it was hot—very, very fresh.


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Feeding the Chickens (they are always hungry).

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Farmer 1: I fed Goldie some lettuce.

Farmer 2: I watched Rashell and Fernando feed the chickens.

Farmer 3: I took a picture of Blackie.

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