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Fun with Sunshine

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016



Farmer 1: I played peck me if I can with Sunshine on My Shoulder! It was fun!

Farmer 2:  Me and  Sunshine played, “catch me and kept me.” I had fun!

Farmer Sunshine:  jsssv  tf vcg ssssss ndzfiii80z



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The kids are back, the kids are back!!!

Monday, February 22nd, 2016



Farmer 1: Goldie wants to be a ballerina! She moves so gracefully. Brownie is going to be a drummer. She discovered a big purple bowl turned upside down and started pecking it in a rhythm.

Farmer Sunshine: mb. (That was all she wrote because she is out of practice!)

Farmer 3: I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid all during garden time. Barbara teased me and pulled my hat down around my eyes. She also said she has a bunch of Wimpy Kid books she can bring for me.

Farmer 2: Sunshine was chasing me like a Portuguese dog!

Barbara:The chickens are so happy that the kids are back. They were so bored with them on  vacation.


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Blackie: Leader of the Chicken Coop

Friday, February 12th, 2016

By Blackie

I now think that I am the leader of the coop. Yes sirree! I have been talking a lot about how I am the leader of the coop but never knew how much it would be but nobody listens to me. I mean–humans can not understand chicken. Don’t tell anybody about this but I am jealous about Sunshine learning to type and Peanut learning to write. I am going to learn to read just like Sunshine and Peanut. I will work very hard and be the best at what I do!


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Daffodils and Shoelaces. What?

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Farmer 1: I noticed that there are 32 daffodils!!!
Farmer 2I saw Sunshine going crazy over shoelaces and zippers.


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Sunshine the Typing Chicken

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


Farmer 1:. It’s cold and damp in the garden today, Sunshine is in her pecky mood. Goldie is being a scardy chicken.

Farmer 2: Sunshine loves clothing.

Farmer 3:        q3ari  
Wow, that’s awesome Sunshine! That was a HUGE improvement!

Farmer 4: Sunshine is a very good typer!

Farmer 5: I learned that chickens can type!

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Who knows why Sunshine Pecks Shoes?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Farmer 1: It is raining out!’ I did not melt!

Sunshine was pecking everyone’s shoes this morning. Why is Sunshine pecking everyone’s shoes?  My friend is looking at me. Why is she looking at me?

Farmers 2 and 3 did not write an entry.

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