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Lots happening in a very cold garden.

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Farmer 1: The garden is cold. Peanut is limping. Sunshine is inspecting our computer. She typed “S” with her beak! 

Farmer 2: Blackie is molting. She loses lots of feathers in their living quarters. Not many in the playpen.

Farmer 3: It’s Thursday and cold in the garden. Peanut’s hurt leg is bothering her. Ana held her and Barbara gave her a baby aspirin for the pain. Peanut hates her medicine and shakes her head a lot.


Barbara: Sunshine, Peanut and Goldie are very curious about the laptops that the farmers bring to the coop each morning. They run about the kids while they type. Today, Sunshine thrilled everyone when she typed a key with her beak. She backed away when everyone started cheering and looked very proud of herself. You go girl! Well done.