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Summer Farmers Create Joyful Signs

Monday, August 15th, 2016

Sunflower Sentry Garden is more than a place where kids grow their own food. It’s a place to study, read, write and create beautiful art projects.. This summer farmers painted signs for the planting beds and the new chicks. Their work made the garden even more special that it already is.



Three sisters who have loved Sunflower Sentry Garden since it began in the fall of 2013. The one on the right helped build the garden, the one on the left worked in it last year. Little sister wanted to make the Hen House sign so everyone would know where the chickens are.



Roo, the baby rooster will be very proud of his sign.



Oh, what fun! Rosie the hen will be so proud of her name plate.



Hey, how about spattering the signs? 



Proudly showing a  few of the planting bed signs. The center giant purple potato sign looks just like the humongous potato that this girl harvested earlier in the summer.



The best part of working in Sunflower Sentry Garden is that you get to play with the chickens.



Oh, the babies love their cuddles!




Life is good–happy chick, happy girl.




New friends share a chick between painting the signs.