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The Chicks are Hatching!

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Early Sunday afternoon–Mother’s Day–the chicks began their pipping process and soon broke loose of their eggs. Kids and adults stood watch and thrilled as each baby emerged. Two eggs remained inactive so we will watch until they reach 25 days in the incubator.


First Born–pale gold with distinctive markings. Active and alert.



#2–Brown and looking much like Brownie. Large and active.



#3 arrived  at lunch time. 


#3 sported a lovely white Mohawk that eventually dried into a white star. Many of the kids call the chick Starlight.



#4 took a while longer. This baby is the smallest and a beautiful red-copper color.



This student brought the fertilized eggs to class. He was amazed at the life-cycle–egg to a real, live chicks–four of them!


They are so small! We can’t move them to their cage with Brooder until they are completely dry.