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An Old Friend Returns to Meet the New Chicks

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Five years ago, this student was one of the third-graders that helped raise three little fluff balls that grew to the hens we love today. He often visits the chicken coop in Sunflower Sentry Garden before school and shares fun stories with the younger kids. Today, I asked him to help me socialize the new fluffs as they are becoming a real handful jumping, flapping and attempting to fly with their spectacular growing wings. The chicks loved their time out of the cage and made a new friend.

Think how much school gardens and their chickens help students grow socially and emotionally and then share their strengths with others.


Can anyone believe that Goldie the hen was once this small. She is now Big Mama and head of the coop.


“Hello there.So, you want to fly. Be careful, you don’t want to hurt yourself.” The chicks flapped their wings and tried to soar but their new friend had seen it all before and knew what to do.