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A Box for Love

Friday, March 11th, 2016

The kids chose to bury their letters, poems and drawings next to Blackie so that she would go to the next world feeling very loved. 

All of this love needed a special box that would keep their paper messages dry and safe. They chose one of plastic with a tight-fitting lid that they could decorate with brilliantly colored permanent Sharpies.  As they drew, they wondered if someone 100 years from now would dig up the box and read their love notes. Would they still be dry? What would the person think? Would any of them still be alive to tell them about the kids that created and buried the messages?

Humans in the future will feel and know their love.



Ready for the messages.



Each kid added something to the design.



Working together to make it beautiful.



Start with a heart then add flowers, stars, chickens, Blackie and designs.



So beautiful.



You can’t look until he is finished drawing. Close your eyes!



And now to the lid.