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The Christmas Eve Visitor

By Peanut

Friday, December 25th, 2015

Merry Christmas, Kids!

I have great news for you! It’s soooo exciting that I can barely contain myself! Guess who visited us in the coop last night? Go on. Take a guess. Give up? Santa—the one and only Santa Clause!

We hens were all peacefully snuggled in our beds with feathers fluffed and eyes fluttering when Goldie startled and sat straight up. “Shush—be very still. I hear something.”

Off in the distance we heard jingle bells ringing and a human yelling, “ho-ho-ho!” Then suddenly something BIG flew over the coop and landed in the area just beyond the garden. We crept quietly down the ramp, looked out and saw a sleigh, nine reindeer (one had a really bright red nose) and a big man wearing a red suit with white fur and black boots. We didn’t know what was happening, so stayed very quiet.

All of a sudden the man magically appeared at the coop door. “Merry Christmas! Don’t be afraid my little friends. No one moved a feather except Sunshine. She raced forward and demanded, “Just who are you and why are you in our coop?” She was fearless! The man laughed. “You must be Sunshine. My elves tell me that you take very good care of your sister hens. My name is Santa—Santa Clause. I come to visit every Christmas Eve.”

Blackie jumped forward and demanded to know if he was going to eat us. “No, no, Blackie. I’ve come to give you a few gifts. Blackie, I hear that you are learning to sing. Your mother hen tells me that you cluck and dance when she sings, Dream Baby. Very nice. Keep up the good work.”

Brownie came forward slowly and stood with Sunshine and Blackie. “Hello, Brownie. You are being very brave tonight. It takes lots of courage for you to face new people and now you are protecting your sisters. Well done.” He looked over to Goldie and told her that she’d be truly amazing this year. “Goldie, you are wonderful and kind with all of the kids that come to the garden and are a good mother to the younger hens. You have lots of love in your soul.”

Santa looked around the playpen and focused his eyes on me under the wheelbarrow. He bent down and gently lifted me up so that I could see his curly white beard and clear blue eyes. I got scared and well, you know… Santa smiled and whispered, “It’s OK Peanut, don’t worry. You’ll get over this problem as you build your confidence. You’ve had a very rough year with your injuries and have handled them with grace, courage and good cheer. Be proud little one. I am.

Santa set me down next to Goldie, waved his hand and voila—all of our favorite foods appeared in the coop. It was spectacular! There was a luscious watermelon, five crisp red apples, lots of sweet cherry tomatoes and a big bowl of chopped purple onions in cool water. Oh, my goodness! We all ran towards the food. Santa turned and was gone in a flash. Pouf. We all ran to see the sleigh take flight high in to the dark night sky. Ho-ho-ho—Merry Christmas little hens!”

Everyone just stood there looking up. What just happened. Who exactly is this fellow, Santa Clause? How did he know about all of us? Where did he get this wonderful feast from? How does he pop around so quickly? Can he bring peaches next year? I hear that they are so juicy and sweet.

After awhile, Blackie, Brownie, Goldie, Sunshine and I got really full. Truthfully, Blackie looked like she was going to explode. We all waddled up the coop ramp, scratched a comfortable spot, wiggled a bit and fell deep asleep.