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Garlic, Potatoes and Chickens

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Farmer 1: l saw garlic in  the garden today . We all saw a bunch of potatoes on the roots of a plant.

Farmer 2I notice that Peanut is taking mud baths a lot.

We removed a potato plant to another place in the garden. The garlic is sprouting fast.

All the chickens are in the coop except Blackie and Peanut. All the chickens are whining a lot. Sunshine is trying to get out of the coop.  

Farmer 3: I had an egg in my hand and my friend took it.

Farner 4: I like it when I get to sit next to Peanut in the hole she dug.

I like the garlic too.

Farmer Sunshine:     4ecvkygd hufvdhugkigvfidcgu fgdhchdhji hgf