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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Six morning farmers have gotten to know the chickens up close and personal in the last two days. As the kids get comfortable, they want to come into the playpen—and some have held Goldie (the best first-hold).

Each is at once awed and a little scared. Goldie takes it all in stride and settles in to their arms. I always take a photo of each kid that holds a chicken—any chicken. Some have photos with Goldie, Sunshine, Blackie and Peanut. Brownie does not like to be picked-up and runs screaming to the coop if pursued.

Some kids want their photo taken every time they cuddle a chicken throughout the year. Some visit the chickens daily and never pick-up a hen until the end of the year—then it’s a celebration of courage and a photo.

I publish the chicken photos in slideshows at Beyond Wonderful Kids Cook: Garden to Table. Come and take a look at all of the kids in action.