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Planting a Rosemary Bush

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Farmer 1: We planted a Rosemary bush and looked at the sunflowers. It rained yesterday, so we checked the sunflowers for mold.We also checked some big ones planted last year by the 4th graders.

Farmer 2: It was pretty fascinating to see that the 4th graders planted teeny-weenie seeds that turned into giant stalks and flowers.

Farmer 3: It was fun planting the Rosemary.

Barbara: We all wondered if this strongly scented Rosemary bush would deter rats from eating it.  I dug a hole in the front bed and the kids saw that the planting bed was lined with chicken wire to prevent rodents from eating the tulip and daffodil bulbs.

The farmers  turned the Rosemary plant upside down, shook it loose from the container  and enjoyed examining its root system. All knew that the plant got its nutrients and water through this system.


They set the Rosemary gently into the hole, filled it with soil and patted all around. One farmer got the hose and sprayed the ground with water.

I told them that this was their Rosemary bush and they should check and nurture it to maturity. There were lots of smiles all around.