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Chickens Struggle in the Intense Heat

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

It’s been very hot in Sunflower Sentry Garden and the hens are hanging-out where it’s cooler–under the coop. Today, the farmers learned that this is a critical situation for Goldie, Sunshine, Blackie, Peanut and Brownie as they can get sick and die.

Farmer 1: We couldn’t go into the coop today because Barbara didn’t want the hens stressed in the heat. We have to keep them safe.

Farmer 2: All the hens were in the coop except Sunshine. She was in the play yard checking things out. Sunshine is like a soldier. Barbara calls her the Warrior Queen because she protects and fights for the other chickens.

Farmer 3: We picked lots of different things today. Some of the little tomatoes turned red as well as one of the bigger ones. We also pulled baby carrots, three zucchinis, a few chili peppers and some sage, basil and mint. Just before we left the garden we found a sunflower that was ready to cut. All the seeds were ready to harvest.

Barbara: The farmers were concerned about the chickens and could understand their problems because they too were very hot and uncomfortable. Yesterday, the entire campus was without filtered water because of the fire last Monday. That meant there was no drinking water. Most kids finished off their water bottles in the morning and then wilted all afternoon.

The farmers took their  bounty to Ms. Siskin who suggested they arrange it on a plate to show their parents at Open House tonight.