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Getting to Know the Girls: More Chicken Questions

Monday, August 31st, 2015

The three farmers today wanted to come straight into the chicken playpen-coup and see the hens up close. Two wanted to hold Goldie while another stroked and petted Sunshine as I held her for them to see.

Farmer 1: Why do they like to peck our shoes? Why do they like some shoes and not others? Do they ever peck your leg. 

Farmer 2: “Ouch! she just pecked my arm. It scared me more than it hurt. It’s like a pinch.”

Farmer 3: I like little Peanut best. She’s cute.

Barbara: The kids were thrilled when Goldie went missing because that meant she was in the coop laying an egg. We all left the playpen and quietly made our way to they hatchery. Gently, one farmer unlocked the door. There sat Goldie. We talked about leaving the hens alone when they were working on an egg.

Goldie came out but the kids discovered that she had not laid an egg.