Holding a Chicken the First Time

Six new farmers have gotten to know the chickens in the last two days. Everyone in Siskin’s class should be friends with Goldie, Sunshine, Blackie, Peanut and Brownie by Friday.
Some farmers are content to just observe the hens moving about while others want to hold them. Goldie is a good first hold because she is gentle and fairly comfortable with the kids. It’s always fun to watch their faces as I set her in their arms. They are at once in-awe, thrilled and a little scared. I always take a photo of their first time and have noticed most look very serious unless I encourage them to smile. Even then, the smile is barely there.

Give the kids a few weeks and they will be old pros at holding the hens. We will have lots of stories and photos that I’ll post on the Beyond Wonderful Kids Cook: Garden to Table website.